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1. How can I qualify for a visa to the USA?

To qualify for a J-1 Visa, you need either five years of practical experience in your selected field OR 1 year of experience and a degree in Agriculture.

2. Can I get a visa for Canada?

YES! Our partners at IRE can help you obtain a visa. You will ideally have 12 months of experience.

3. Where do I live?

You will either live on your own in a self-contained cottage or staff house with the host family or in a shared farmhouse with other staff.

4. I want to work in Denmark or France, but I don't speak the language!

That's ok, all the host families and staff speak English!

5. Who do I call if I have a problem?

Always contact Amanda or your coordinator in your home country.

6. Can I change the placement when I don't like my job?

We will ALWAYS pull you from a job if you are unsafe or in danger. We encourage you to really read through your job offer and understand all the tasks involved. Speak to your potential host family before accepting if you're unsure. Switching jobs because you are bored or don't like it is not encouraged or promised. If we can't work it out, we try to find another placement, although sometimes it can take time, and a $500 NZ fee is applicable for "change of mind".

7. Do I need a bank account in NZ?

Yes, we advise opening an online account with WISE before leaving your home country. This is an easy way to open an account; your wages can be paid here, and you can use it almost anywhere in the world.

8. Do I need to pay taxes in NZ?

Yes, tax will be taken out of each pay sometimes, and you may be entitled to a tax refund at the end of your stay.

9. Am I insured by the employer?

Yes, you are insured on a farm for accidents in New Zealand. If you have an accident off-farm, you will need your own travel insurance, which is compulsory.

10. Can I travel on the weekends?

Yes, you will get allocated days off each week, usually two days a week. You are free to do as you please. Most employers are very flexible and will allow extra time in non-busy periods if organised in advance.

11. Do I have a car for my own use?

Sometimes, an employer gives you a car to use for personal use. Other times you will need to bring enough money to buy a car. Usually, $3k NZ is enough. They are usually very easy to sell afterwards.

12. Will I get to meet other trainees?

YES! You will be provided opportunities to attend events or pub nights with other trainees. You will make lifelong friends!

13. Can I stay longer than 12 months?

For New Zealand, our work exchange visa is only valid for one year. For America, the J-1 trainee program lasts 12 months, but you are allowed one month on either side for travel.

14. Do I get picked up at the airport?

Yes!! Your host family or a staff member will collect you from the airport. You will know before you leave who will be meeting you.

15. Can I get a NZ sim card?

Yes! This is easy, and your host family will most likely take you to the store for groceries and a new sim card for your phone. Internet is almost always available on farms.